About Us

Shanghai licool Industrial Co., Ltd. provides a comprehensive and professional one-stop gift service for customers. The company can not only customize all kinds of new, unique and well-made gifts (including business gifts, promotional gifts, conference gifts, gifts, souvenirs, etc.), but also pay attention to the overall planning, development, design and production of advertising promotional gifts Good at advertising gifts for enterprises overall market planning is not a simple production company.

The company to create a product, build a brand, make a friend, expand a market, as the business philosophy“ "Quality is life" is our basic principle. Jigao people will stand in the same industry with a healthy mental outlook. With the continuous extension of reform and opening up in the mainland, enterprises will consolidate and grow. We warmly welcome domestic and foreign customers to work together to create a win-win situation.

We have a wide range of gifts:

Market promotion products: advertising bags, hats, shirts, umbrellas, fans, shopping baskets, wallets, bracelets, paper bags, non-woven bags, advertising aprons, etc

Daily household: plastic cups, ceramic cups, advertising coasters, health cups, paper cups, thermos bottles, set cups, stainless steel cups, space cups, etc

Business office: Notepad, advertising mouse pad, advertising pen, briefcase, business card shelf, advertising folder, multi-function calculator, advertising U disk, etc

Household appliances: lunch boxes, boiling water cookers, mugs, advertising fruit plates, kitchen knives, stainless steel tableware, other large household appliances, etc

Digital electronics: calculator, electronic clock, car digital, digital photo frame, calendar radio, solar key, etc

Craft collection: glass, crystal, resin gifts, model souvenirs, etc

These products not only meet the needs of friends from all walks of life in family consumption, personal collection, gifts from relatives and friends, as well as conference commemoration and employee welfare, but also provide a wide range of choices for foreign affairs business and enterprise product promotion. Our company has a huge customer network support in the province, And with its good faith quality to win the recognition of the majority of suppliers.

Advanced concept, innovative thinking, and constantly develop satisfactory products for customers.

Quality for survival, reputation for development, efficiency for customers to provide a full range of system solutions.